FUNDAY SHORE BROUGHT A HUGE WHALE IN ON the BEACH TODAY . .unfortunately it was dead.It was towed to a wharf a few miles up the shore and will be examined by the FISHERIES DEPT.to see what it died from . . .a bit of a mystery at the moment . .
We are in whale watching land and the whales sometimes swim into the shipping lanes going to Saint John New Brunswick . . . .
 Last year a huge Humpback got into the fishing weir and everything under the sun was done to help it get out . .
It lay around for about 4 days eating all the herring (about $40,000 worth) then quietly swam out of the weir i the exactly the same  entrance way it had swum in!!!!!!!!!
It caused great excitement in the village  . . .everyone came out to see and take pictures . . .

This illustration is from a favourite book of mine . . .''The Snail and the Whale''by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheiffler.