1000 APRONS Installation in NS

an INSTALATION by MArgaret Nicholson  at Bethany in Antigonish Nova Scotia  July -October  2013 
Ribbon Cutting on site - Thursday  August 1st 2013  @ 6 pm

Bethany,home to the Sisters of St.Martha,patron saint of homemakers is an apt setting for 1000 Aprons!!!

Aprons are pinned at the bottoms so the strings hang down. Blowing in the wind the strings give maximum animation to the idea of ''Waving Goodbye'' . . .a release from domestic duty . . .. 
so says my dear friend  Margaret, who was here last week with me in the cove . . . .
Should be a beautiful Installation to see . . . . although at  Bethany it will be through a forrest  . . .not along the sea shore as originally planned . . . .several years of searching  could not find one mile of  available shoreline for this wonderful display!

Strangely enough I have a second  dear friend who collects  Aprons and has 1000 of them in River John NS! She has a published book  with photos . . .I unfortunately have left it in Montreal and can't give  you the title here today . . ..