GRENFELL MAT 
from the 1930s or there abouts . .. its that time of year again where I cosy up and hook every day . . .lots of snow outside this year so I can really get at it!A friend sent this lovely little mat photo to me the other day . . .I love it for its simplicity and softness of colour and also the subject matter . . ..Although this is a Newfoundland scene . .where they are buried  in snow at this very moment . . . .it  makes  me think of the cold  north . . 
.and the whales struggling to find their way to the open sea  . . .having been stranded in a panic with the ice closing in over them . . . .I think everyone the world over  is thinking and hoping they make it . . .

HOOK IN TOMORROW  here in Montreal .  .if you need information please contact me  in comments!