Happy Canadian day!
to you all !
Here are . . .
 a couple of  rugs for us today !

First  rug 'horn of plenty' seen on Sue Wimer Pinterest collection of pinned rugs . .. .not sure who hooked it?
beautiful background! and nice simple little mat!
Hooked by . Kimberly !  . .thank you for your message !!!

Hello, To let you know, that's my cornucopia rug that I hooked. It's alot bigger than a mat about 32" :) you for your kind comments on it. I have a blog ~ The Red Cupboard Post ~ You will find it on my blog along with my other work & my pics. My Best, Kimberly Bouffard, The Red Cupboard Post 

and . . . .. 

TURKEY rug :  

this pattern is for sale on the site . .. just scroll down . .. . 

COLD is coming . . .and it seems everyone I know is sick . .. . 
Time to cozy up and hook rugs . . .. I love this time of year  . . .
and my computer problems are  improving  with a new computer up and running . . .