This huge poor gigantic Basking SHARK got tangled in the nets in the weir the other day!It was  close to 30 feet long . . .. . the fisherman who owns the weir had gotten him out 3 days ago . . .and sent him on his way out in the Bay of Fundy but alas it found its way back in again and got tangled so badly in the weir that it died in its panic . . .and ended up on the beach . . . .the whole village went down to see it . . . even with its ugliness ,this amazing prehistoric creature . . we all felt sad for the poor thing!. . .

According to Wikipedia

Basking sharks are a migrating species and are believed to overwinter in deep waters. They may occur in either small schools or alone. Small schools in the Bay of Fundy have been seen swimming nose to tail in circles in what may be a form of mating behavior. Basking sharks are not aggressive and generally harmless to people.