Here  above is my  old fashioned 12 x 12 '' BLOCK
4  squares  with a cross between the squares.
The secret is to play with you fabrics and colour and most important  VALUES ! while at the same time mixing and matching to make a  sort of hit or miss type of old fashioned  use what you have . . scrap  quilt!

  Here in photo the lights stick out  . . .but in real life they do not . . . . I still have 20 more blocks to go . . .Now to decide what  design for the QUILTING!- big  decision . . .I am thinking towards a curved  design  . . .but to do this by  sewing machine  is going to be tricky . .

Quilting these days seems to be getting more and more complicated pattern wise . . .and idea wise . .
Not my kind of quilting . . . .I like the old traditional  SIMPLE patterns  . . .

but use interesting fabrics or colours !

HEre is a handy little CHART for  knowing how many BLOCKS in sizes  12'' 15'' 16'' or 18''  you will need for what size of a bed . .

I have enough fabric to make about 100 quilts . . .as most fabric collectors have - right?!!!!

Then I have also a wool quilt on the go with the rug hooking fabric . . .

So many  projects . . .

Going to sit out in the hammock for a while and  just do nothin'