-Good News,

The rugs have been found.  A young man walking his dog found them in a plastic garbage bag along a bike trail.  His dog was sniffing the bag and he opened it up and discovered the rugs.  He attends the church where the rugs were taken from and had seen the flyers about the rugs.  The rugs are in good condition with the exception of a few leaves and a musty odor.

I want to thank everyone who helped to spread the word by sending my note out to groups, adding it to blogs and websites.  Please resend to those same groups so everyone knows that the rugs have been found.
I heard from so many of you expressing your concern and that confirmed to me the unique friendships that we have within the rug hooking community.

Again thanks to all and have a wonderful summer,



Yes they have been returned to Norma and Linda !
The rugs I mentioned
Thrilling . . .found in a ditch in garbage bag . . .none the wear  but for  a moldish smell!
Reminds me of the story of a  rug in VERMONT!My friend put it on her  roof of car,I forget why . . .but we all do that nest pas'!!
She then -of course- DROVE OFF .  .and the rug disappeared along her trip home from  a rug show . . .
Same thing happened  . . .one day  a young man found it lying in a ditch along the autoroute  where  he had stopped for some reason !!!  . . and  same as  the church rugs  . . .he knew  the story about  this lost rug and  returned it to the rug maker !
Happy ending!
and here I am  arrived and happy by the sea  -  sitting on a rock . . .  . .. . . .