Cigarette SILKS

                SILKS collecting early 1900's  
I hardly even want to write the ugly word  . .cigarettes .  .
read her more about it . . .HERE on this blog

Years ago,I found this collection all sewn together in the most beautiful feather stitching .. . . but the problem was what to do with them ,how to hang them?
 I was  unable to find anything that I really liked . . .. 
Eventually I  this beautiful old french  upholstery fabric was given to me in Paris by a friend who had found tons of it in a trash can while out walking one night . . near where he lived near  rue du Jour  . . .

The silk fabric is  slowly getting weaker . .but the border is holding up well . . .
I think I shall just leave them  . as sometimes the beauty of something is in the wearing down . . . .