THis is such a beautiful summer rug . . .a Kaffe F pattern now hooked up by Marie Andrée of Montreal!. . .et BRAVO! C'est magnifique MA!

and LOOK @ the
BACK of the POND. . . . . 
I show this back of the rug as it is really well done . . .and is a good example of what one can hope to do!  - No Holidays or VACANCES to fill!

I have always had trouble with this after my first attempt at hooking was so tight I had to unhook most of it . . . .then I hooked so far apart  that I have never really gotten the right spacing  . .. mostly I think out of FEAR OF HAVING TO REHOOK THE WHOLE MAT! . ..
and yes I am capitol lettering as I am shouting here!!!

I have heard  other hookers having a melt down if someone dares to ask to see their BACK of rug!!!
but  . . .isn't the most important thing to  go and JUST HOOK IT!?
Still  . . .
I admire this rug for its careful spacing . . .
even if I can"t do it myself!