It is strange how one  thing rolls into a next thing in the mind . . .as I  have that morning coffee . . .exploring  the Welcome mat  rug hooking site . . .I fell into the subject of PINTERESTing things . . . .I like the idea but as I gazed at this  beautiful old quilt . . .it seemed lost on the boards of fellow  rug hookers . . .I felt it needed to stand alone to be appreciated for its total beauty . . . .WHat I  absolutely love about this  quilt is its simplicity . . .yes for me it is simple . . .A traditional circle design . . .beautiful old fabrics . . . .sewn together in a most visual exciting way . . . and how very different it is from my last post of more or less the same traditional pattern!
How very different we all are . . . .
Some of you reading this post may wonder what on earth I see in this photo?!!!
THANKS for PINTERESTING this  quilt!. . . who ever did it. . . . . as I was thrilled to see it this morning . . .and  am not totally inspired to cut fabric and sew colours together . . .