Saw this great  bracelet 
on a friends  wrist last night. . .made of recycled things!
I Love this idea . .
fun and beautiful at the same time!
 Apparently any used recycled objects are a go to create wonderful  wearable things of any kind  . . . .check out the artists website ,blog spot . . ..

                                MADE in ITALY by EGG
so look for the translation button to click on!
I keep wondering if these are the real  thing and could be nibbled on now and then ? or . . . .
if they are FIMO made to look like the real thing . ..
or if they are recycled from someones lunch?

Received this info in comments!Thanks EGG !!I follow  you on FACEBOOK!
-the pieces are made of Fimo, and the little pearls are recycled from a baby sweater.

The Egg staff
(what does it means Egg? It means not only an egg, but also Eleonora and Giordana Gorgeous)