Once again I am thinking of a new rug design and January is always a good month to do this.
It seems I have time to look through photos of rugs I have seen lately and like  . ..so today just to get started . . . .I am posting this charming little rug I saw at Shelburne rug show.Once again I am sorry  in my enthusiasm over this rug I forgot to get the name of the hooker!Please forgive me ,but know that I liked this rug  a great deal.What ? did I like about it?
For one,its the simplicity.
Next I like the random colouring and designs of the inside of each fish playing throughout the rug.Colours and TEXTURES  are very pleasing to the eye!
Background is  not overwhelming against these little fish . . .. . and
I love the different  OUTLINES!
The light outline in Border I am not sure about but it seems to balance with the light colours in fish . . .at least in this photo . . .
I hope this mat sits on a YELLOW FLOOR somewhere  . .. . . .

FOUND the HOOKERS name!!Congratulations!Its a great Floor RUG!!