Winter solstice sunrise over Stonehenge is good omen for 2012, say druids

The omens are good that 2012 will be an excellent year, a druid said today, after the sun shone on Stonehenge during a dawn ceremony to mark the winter solstice.

This is a rug by SUNNIE ANDRESS!!!!!-I saw in the Shelburne show this year . . . . . .
already a month ago . . .
the theme I seem to remember being ''working '' . . . ''All the Live Long Day''.

it certainly expresses how I feel the last few days . . . . and there are more to come . . 
THANK YOU SUNNIE! for your comment!I love your rug!

Hi Judith...Sunnie Andress here. Just a note to say that the "Woman's Work" rug you
 have on the Blog - from the Shelburne Museum show this year - is mine. : )
I had such fun designing and hooking it...
adapting old advertising from the 1920's
and 1930's. 
My Mom and Aunties used to laugh at this, saying "How true, How true". 
LOL Happy Hooking! Sunnie ; )