What I liked about this rug (yes @ Shelburne show) is that it not only works as a wall piece but it could also be  a FLOOR RUG due to its abstractness  . . .the design works all around even though there are realistic objects in it!I especially love the little dog and the little cars . . . .and the afternoon shadows cast on the rock cliff canyon . . . .it has an interesting  and unconventional border . . and tells a story I would love to know!

I apologize to the maker as I can not find the photo of the label!
THANK YOU JEN MANUEL for sending me the photo of explanation!!!
                                        ANN WINTERLING
how could I have forgotten! . .too many things on my mind these days I guess . . . .BRAVO to you ANN!Thank you for letting us all know about this amazing place!
I certainly hope to go there one day!Meanwhile Ill just enjoy looking at your rug!