Still Hooked on the SHELBURNE RUG SHOW . . .. so many great rugs to show here . . .. a never ending supply . . .
There is something I love about this little rug by my dear hooking  friend Burma . . .although my colours are not great here in this photo, I dont believe, 
ini real they are a wonderful mix . . .
For some reason it makes me think of Cape Cod . . .although I have only been to Woods Hole to get the boat to NANTUCKET . . . . .there is a story here perhaps you could comment ? Burma!What was the challenge for you?
THANKS for  comment Burma!!

'' I wanted to capture the atmosphere of of the sea and sky--
how they surround small summer cottages. sometimes when I am walking
 in these quaint places I cannot tell where the ocean stops and the sky begins--
so that was a challenge--to be very subtle with the blues colors. 
Also to capture the charm and colors that I see in the Algarve in Portugal--

-though this montage comes from a photo of houses on an island off the coast of France.