More rugs from the show up here today . .
This  one is a flower ovarie rug. . .
I will not give any input myself but rather let the viewer decide what they feel or think ,if anything ,for themselves!

I would like to say that any person who enters a rug  or (anything else into an exhibition) of any kind , open to the public should be aware and be prepared for negative as well as positive feed back and be brave enough when they chose to exhibit not to have hurtie- feelings if someone says something they don't feel is just, regarding their work.
Otherwise -its their choice they should not enter their rug to the show.
I know  rug hookers who do extraordinary work but wont show it for this very reason . . .

An artist makes something because they are driven to it and have to create the work . . .they may not even like it themselves sometimes!

This OVARIE rug, hooked by Emily Robertson is a brave statement and it is HUGE-12 feet  X 8 feet at least . . .I dont think she is worried that folks will love it or not!!!
I heard -it took her 5 months(only!!!) to hook!
I am curious  how the backing was done-how many pieces and how were they connected together . . .not an easy job . . .(I have tried this before  myself on a small rug!)

As to the other day comments,my remark was my own personal reaction to a rug . . .it was not in any way a critique of the rug . . . there is a difference . . . .
Which ever way the rug was noticed !!!. . . .
and that is what counts!

To be walked right by and not given a second (in time) LOOK would be far worse!!!!
REACTIONS COUNT!! in my book!