I agree Mayumi,     PEOPLE WATCHING 

was the most fun!!

I loved this show . . .it was so inspiring . . . .not to -design fashion  . .
but just to create - anything!
I have been out of that department lately  . . .as my blog seems to remark. . . .. .

        I was as much looking at the people -looking at the display of creativeness as I was at the many  mannequins !
        Another thing I noticed was that the number of cell phones and cameras taking pictures of the outfits was outnumbering the outfits  themselves displayed!!
Often I have heard mumblings of no cameras being allowed at rug shows . . .if that ever happens I will not bother to  go  see the show - as , for me, such thinking could not possibly result in exciting  work on display . . . . . . .
I was thrilled to see everyone taking photos at this exhibition of JPG !
He is obviously not afraid to be copied as he has long passed the moment of creation of these outfits and moved on to new ideas . . .
IDEAS yes . . .the most valuable thing we possess . . .IMAGINATION . . . .

Things stay in ones memory a great deal longer if you take the time to focus and click!
Therefore the  work of art is enjoyed for a longer time by many people as the photos are shared and re-looked at over the years . . .
oh yes - there were catalogues for sale  in the shop at the exit door- at  mega bucks . . . but the photos in it did not include the crowd of people watching the show!
I would love to have been able to question some of these folks to hear what they saw . . .or  . . .thought . . .of these beautiful outrageous fashions !