I have had this mat for 3 years and could not decide wether to hook from scratch or repair the old one!
Finally after  much thought, I could not bear to let the old one rot in a garage on top of my DH's antique car . . .as is what happens in our house to old rugs that are beyond  fixing . . .. 

The Burlap is brittle . . . so I steamed it a long time . . .just in case it helps it . . . because the problem with old mats is that after you have repaired them they continue to disintegrate if you even LOOK at them!

Thats why I have given up repairing for other people . . . .
So. . . first  to repair the hole in the leaf -I sewed on with linen thread (cotton ok also). . .  a piece of linen backing , here in photo from the back . . .I reinforced as many loops around the hole as possible.. . .one by one . . .long job ,yes!
Then I found a piece of recycled wool fabric and re hooked the area that was gone. . .eg. the HOLE.
Turn over to the right side and here is the repair . . .Total time so far spent repairing this rug is  28 hours!@ $20 an hour = much more than the person paid for the mat in the first place!
Yes ,only repair for the love of the mat! . . .
and I am still only 1/2 way through this job!!!