''Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense''

(Evil to Him That Thinks It)

          GARTER DAY 13 JUNE 2011 
Well I missed this yesterday but here it is today . . .didn't realize that the date changes every year!It seems I have been into things royal these days rug wise . . . .but the Royals have been busy also lately !
Yesterday was the  robes and feathers in the hats day- GARTER DAY in the UK.

I hooked this small piece for an article Anne Marie Littenberg wrote on ''Holidays and Celebrations’’ for Rug Hooking Magazine a few years ago . . .

The finished EDGE is  turned over and BINDING TAPE sewn on. . . 

History - (found online )
This statement supposedly originated when King Edward  III was dancing with his first cousin and daughter-in-law, Joan of Kent. Her garter slipped down to her ankle, causing those around her to snigger at her humiliation. 

In an act of chivalry Edward placed the garter around his own leg, saying 
"Honi soit qui mal y pense", 
and the phrase later became the motto of the Order.