ON the SHORES of Lac Saint LOUIS!! 

To my utter delight I found several of my rug hooking pals spinning on the front porch yesterday -just downstairs from the exhibition at Stewart Hall . . .
Fun to see natural and hand dyed  fleece being  spun into one ply then 2 ply then 3 ply yarn!!
What is it with all the rug hookers  turning to spinning?!!!!
NOT for ME . . . . . 
-I am sticking to hooking!and . . . .dyeing wool fabrics!! Thats all I can handle . . .
but the process looked soothing enough . . .I have tried  hand spinning -I forget what its called but there was no large  thing to sit at and pedal!

This fluffy yarn is sometimes used in hooked rugs  . .OK for a wall piece ,but for a floor rug ,which is what I do. ..  it is not strong enough . . .well in  my rugs -at least !
I don't want  any fleece -no matter how pretty it is!!!