Painting by Marc-Aurele Fortin

Fortin studied painting first in Montreal under Ludger Larose and Edmond
 Dyonnet, then two years in the United Sates from 1909-1911, first at the
 Boston Museum of Fine Arts and then at the Art Institute of Chicago.

His brush transforms heavy clouds, thick foliage
and rising hills into large, free forms, vibrating with colour.
In the late thirties and all through the forties
 he painted in the lower Saint Lawrence area, in the Gaspé and around
Saint-Simon on the lower Saint Lawrence River.

His favourite subjects were the large elms in small Quebec villages,
 hay wagons on country roads, and
the flowing curves of the roof- tops of the Quebec farmhouses. 

Above information is from this site

One of  my favourite painters ,Fortin captures the feeling of  the part of Quebec where we had our hookin last weekend . . .I love the colours in the fields and the incredible skies . .the mountains and the simplicity of shapes . .totally inspiring  for dyeing wool and hooking colour!

I also went  to The Boston Museum of Fine Arts school . . .. I am sorry  there were so many years in between and I could not sit beside him!