Chocolate biscuit cake

there are many versions of this , Williams favourite cake and one of 2   for  the WEDDING ,
floating around on the internet . . .
Here is the version I am making for the big event celebrations tomorrow .  .
How will I ever get up @ 3 am?. . . .as someone said to me yesterday. . . .. .its like the Oscars . . .the arrival is the fun part . . .to see what everyone is wearing!!!!
To all those having the early morning tea parties. . . .. . . . champagne and orange juice . . .
have a great time !!!
Here's a cake to put in the fridge tonight  . . . .. 


8 oz (225 g) McVities Rich Tea Biscuits (about 28), 
other tea biscuits such as Social Tea or Marie/Maria  
use ARROW ROOT  or Digestive Biscuits in Canada ,
 broken into almond-sized pieces

          6 oz of golden syrup
        14 oz of dark chocolate
        3 oz of butter
        5 oz of raisins soaked in 4 tbsp of dark rum or Sherry
         Zest of 1 orange
         ½ cup chopped hazelnuts
Soak raisins in rum. 
Crush cookies.
Melt chocolate, golden syrup and butter over low heat.
Combine all ingredients and set in pan. 
Chill until firm.
For a full printable version of the WEDDING CEREMONY TOMORROW 
or . . .to Just read it  -this is a faster download