for Knitting  sweaters or BINDING RUGS
this is the most inspiring  yarn shop of any anywhere!!
Everything is beautiful everywhere  one looks . . . .but be sure to just look . . .
DONT even think of taking a picture or drawing a sketch  . . .or. . .. 
you are in big trouble!
I am not sure  what they are afraid of as its easy enough to find  pictures on the web and I have already bought  tons of  yarns here over the years  . . .
I have also bought all their knitting books and I now only dye my own yarns!
So I only look!
This is a totally inspiring scene . . . .
Be sure to visit  when in town if you haven't been there yet! its on rue du Jour
oh yes  . . . . they also have millions of buttons . . .
photo blurry due to  - fast escape while taking not allowed picture of buttons!