CHAIRPAD for a large Rocking Chair 
If you want a real circle -draw one on your backing and then stick to it!
I kept enlarging my pattern while the piece was on the frame (artistic creativeness at work!)and. .
 alas . .. I am slightly woobelly in shape . . 
I dont really care as for me ,it adds a hand made touch . .. 
This chairseat will be on a large rocker in my home by the sea ,which I am longing for today . . . .
The Title  ''The Blue Teapot'' is from one of the delightful story books  about Sandy Cove in Nova Scotia. ..written in the 1930s by Alice Dalgliesh . .still available at Amazon . . .!

The Blue Teapot: Sandy Cove Stories [Hardcover]

Alice Dalgliesh (Author), Hildegard Woodward (Illustrator)