DYEING  YARN -  and then  KNIT IT UP and VOILA!

NOW FLOWN BACK and  in MONTREAL. . .  I finished knitting this little sweater size  4 yesterday!Made the pattern up totally from start to finish and never used those expensive Droguerie pattern books I bought after all!!!
HAND SPOT DYED YARN in electric fry pan
Natural 100% wool ''HERITAGE 2 ply'' from 
Harvey, New Brunswick, Canada
NOTE*Their  SUPER Natural 4 PLY (thicker) is also good I believe for hand dyeing and PUNCH HOOKING . . although I myself have never tried this type of rug . . .

BEST TIP EVER was shared by JENNIFER MANUEL!!on  her blog  a while ago . . .After dyeing the yarn-wrap it around a pencil to get a good idea what it will look like as binding  for your rug!!!THANK YOU JEN!!!This is such fun to try and it really can influence your  choice of colour for the finished edge of your rug. . . best tip I ever got . . .