Wendie Scott Davis has left a new comment on your post "SPRING COLOURS": 

There is something so happy about circles. Whether they are plain polka dots or elliptical adventures like these colourful cuties, they always make me smile. 

I think sometimes we forget about them as we pursue more complex shapes.

 But they are the best!  
YES !!! Wendy , I agree with you,and thank you for your comment!
I always get  far tooooo complicated with my hooking and have to remind myself over and over to get simpler . . .these  chairseats made by my friend Leslie are so beautiful .. . .One for each chair in her kitchen . .they are so comfy and nice to sit on and have a cup of TEA!
I am trying to decide today what to hook next rug wise . . . .I hate this in between stage of decision making . . .
I am leaning towards a geometric to use up the millions of worms in my basket . . . .a scrap rug . . .circles or triangles ????. . . .