MY FAVOURITE is . . . . .
Marché aux Puces de la Porte de Vanves
Addresses: avenue Georges Lafenestre & avenue Marc Sangnier, 75014 Paris
Phone: (+33); E-mail:
Every weekend of the year, 350 stall holders await you: furniture, trinkets, paintings, fabric, glassware, time pieces, jewelry, military objects, photography, music, and curios. In the heart of Paris, an exciting place that will capture your imagination. It's the place to visit for flea market enthusiasts.
Hours: Weekends; avenue Marc Sangnier until 1 p.m.; avenue Georges Lafenestre all day.
      Porte de Vanves (line 13)

Every SUNDAY morning head out on the METRO . . . . early  . . . .as they start to pack up  around 12:30 PM !
My husband has been a collector of beautiful usefull (?less) objets from the flea markets of Paris since many years , . . . and still we go check  on Sunday mornings . . .
These days, 
he is collecting small glasses 
and, yes, he found another ''must have''  . . .

I also am a collector of 'things'but I find the prices are ridiculously high these days- so it isn't fun anymore . . . .
I think I am spoiled by ''frenchies'' in atlantic Canada now . . .. 
mostly I  just people watch  . . . and  enjoy the amazing things one sees here . . .
For instance .. 
these shoes !! I think of who might have made them?!!!!
Did they live by the sea shore .  .or just collect shells and need a reason for doing so?!!
I would love to know the whys and story behind this  ONE SHOE!sitting here alone  one Sunday morning . .  .