CAKE of the 3 KINGS

Galettes des ROIS

Get your GALETTES des ROIS for Fetes des ROIS starting 6th JAN . . .
Best galettes  in Montreal are @ Patisserie de NANCY @ 5655 ave MONKLAND 
@ Patisserie GASCOGNE  Sherbrooke street Quest

Every year starting on January 6th, la galette des Rois (the cake of the three kings),  made of  almond cream paste and a buttery crust, is sold in patisseries all over  Québec  and France.
These yummy cakes celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany, when  as the story goes,the 3 wise men followed the star and came to bring their presents to baby Jesus. 
A surprise is hidden inside of the cake, and whoever gets it, is crowned king and gets to choose his queen.  . .(or Queen and gets to choose her KING !) . . . 
The cake is usually sold with a gold paper crown ,well in France  it is. . .in Québec  I cut them out of gold cardboard ,great fun and the children love it !
Nice way to end up the holiday season.
I wont include the recipe as I never make one myself . . . . .(I am sure it can be found online somewhere!)
now the exercising can start . . .first though  . . I am off to the January rug hook in  today.  .