DUCKS RUG HOOKED  in CHARLEVOIX - region of Quebec   
Its HUNTING SEASON and the  GEESE and DUCKS are flying south  by the thousands . . . .
I can't remember if I have posted this little mat before . .maybe I have . . .but this morning I am looking at it again myself so thought I would post it here.

I totally LOVE this delightful little rug . . . .. . .it seems the designer and hooker is not known, and it dates somewhere between  1875 and  1925  measuring 90 X 44.5 cm

This precious RUG  is in a museum in Montreal, the MUSÉE des Maitres et Artisans du Québec  which has  
an interesting COLLECTION of old rugs from Quebec.

If you would like to hook it  please write to the museum for permission . . .I am sure they would not object!There is a copied version  of this pattern for sale out there in the rug world ,but it does NOT  do the design justice . . .
I am off for a few days  to the Quebec country side . . .with my party line and no internet . 
back Monday. . . happy hooking everyone . . .I shall be  by the fireside . . . .