DOODLES or just plain Noodles?
It is interesting to hear what you all saw in yesterdays doodle . . .. but for me this is what I could not let go of every time I looked at it-yes a TEAPOT . . .
but of course I am mad about teapots so no wonder!
Some saw chickens and  Christine a teapot . . .thanks for your messages one and all!
I think I shall just keep doodling along and in the end make a small purse as I am in need of a new one . . . . just TOE-ing in here again today!
Jacqueline-The BACKING I am using is MONKS cloth 100% cotton . . .oh yes I know  one either ''HATES it'' or ''LOVES it'' and I am using #3 cut sttrips of scraps  that I would never otherwise use up . . .maybe I should just keep making those  Hooked ART TRADING CARDS . .they make nice gifts . . .although the 2.5 X 3.5 size is not such a useful shape.