Here is Dawns wonderful 'CIRCLES RUG' done with a BOWL and a template centre  motif scattered about in the circles.This is a great  pattern to hook for a 'FIRST RUG' . . .all you need are lots of colour and VALUE  choices in your wool stash . . . .
Congratulations Dawn on your recent  BLOG AWARDS!

(I am gone for a few days BEAVER HUNTING!)
Beaver predators . . 
Because beavers spend most of their lives either in the water or in a lodge protected by water, they have very few natural predators .

Of the successful predators that they do have, however, wolves and humans are the major two. Other predators include bears, lynxes, wolverines, red foxes, and dogs. In North America coyotes and possibly river otters also prey on beavers. There is question of whether river otters eat found carcasses of beavers or if they actually hunt and kill them; regardless, the beaver is rarely found to be part of river otters' diet. (Rosell and Czech, 2000)