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Ault’s Wool Fabric Cutter Details and Update

Earlier on this blog we mentioned that we would soon be announcing details of a wool fabric cutting machine that we are developing. We wanted to wait a while longer before releasing more details but decided that other announcements about a popular wool fabric cutter meant it is time to continue our announcement.
We have spent lots of time researching what is a patent, what can be patented, what fabric cutters are currently patented and when is it too late to get a patent on an item. We appreciate the efforts of our patent lawyers and their advice to us.
We currently have a 100% CNC capable manufacturing firm preparing engineering drawings for the manufacture of  Ault’s Wool Fabric Cutter. Our machine will easily produce reliable cut wool strips similar to other machines currently being used by crafters doing rug hooking.
The cutterhead in our machine has been slightly modified from a popular machine currently being used by rug hookers. It will also fit into Townsend machines  that were purchased prior to the closing of Townsend Industries earlier this year.
We expect to have cutterheads available first, hopefully between Thanksgiving and  Christmas, and then the machine shortly after that. Our cutterheads will be available in sizes most popular with primitive style rug hookers.
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