A few years ago I was  repairing many old rugs  and giving workshops to teach Nova Scotia rug enthusiasts how to go about it!I have since given it all up as I have not got the time nor the patience it all takes!
I did however at one point repair a beautiful old BLUENOSE RUG of a  large HOUSE  in the trees on the grass ,as I remember,for a friend.She was so pleased with the result but suggested we do a barter as payment instead of a $$$ exchange.
I thought this was a great idea and she presented me with this beautiful fish water pitcher from her own collection of china. She knew a great deal about china and I did not  but loved this piece immediately!

The nicest part is I think of her often when I see it and use it even though she has moved far away and I have lost contact with her.

If anyone her knows anything about this kind of English Dartmouth china  from Devon can you kindly let me know!All in all a great BARTER experience!