MAUD LEWIS HOUSE and a painting by FOLK Artist Fred Trask

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The real HOUSE that MAud Lewis lived in is here above in photo . . .yes it was that small . . .and magical . . .when I was a child I was taken by my parents to visit Maud and Everett every summer as she was about the only painter around and I loved to paint so we  always went went by when in town . . . . . .Everett took us to see his sweet peas in the back of the house and Maud sat in the corner painting all day . . . what I remember the most about her was that even though she was all bent over and never said a word  . . . .was her SMILE!!!!
She seemed to me to be the happiest person I had ever encountered ever in my life!!!Her stove was covered with tulips and her whole  little house with flowers and butterflies . . .. It was the most amazing house . . .just like in Hansel and Gretel I thought!In all those visits my parents bought only one painting(Unfortunately!!)but I do have it on my wall now . . ..
Below is a winter scene  painted also by a Digby NS folk artist called Fred Trask . . .I have yet to meet him   .. even though he is a relative . . .. . .