Going Shopping with daughter and Raphaël and Justine  . . .This weekly ritual even delights the children . .. they jump up and down with great glee at the suggestion of going to 'FRENCHYS"

These said CHILDREN ,when not IN THE clothes in the boxes get to play with other kids while you shop . . .
THere is along story as to why there are ''FRENCHYS'' stores and why there are 'GUY'S FRENCHYS' stores.
They are totally different, but all getting second hand recycled clothing from the US of A and reselling it at the Frenchys stores scattered around the Maritime Provinces  . .. being Nova Scotia ,New Brunswick,Prince Edward Island . . .on the Atlantic side of CANADA.
The copy cat second hand stores in Montreal,Toronto,Ottawa . . .such as 'VALUE VILLAGE' . . .. .leave nothing to be compared . . .they hang the clothes on hangers- a totally boring way to shop!!! 

The story went in my part of Nova Scotia, where they started in  the early 1970s, was that an ACADIEN -eg. french speaking folk ( that were kicked out and then walked back from Louisana . .. no less) . . .well he,ED  was living in Mass and decided he was homesick and needed a source of income so he could leave and go BACK HOME to the south shores of Nova Scotia. 
He decided to import used clothing to rip up and sell as rags for cleaning car engines at local garages . .. . 
He soon noticed that the clothing was fast vanishing home with the ladies he had hired to rip the clothes up for said rags . . .. he therefore had a brain wave to open the FRENCHYS  store -first in Metagan 
and then in DIGBY (my favourite one)
 I have to this day never fully understood why there are  2 different branches of the frenchies stores . . .but I have heard it is a family argument  over who had the idea first ?If anyone knows the true story please do tell!!!
There has been a book written about these stores and how if you shop there you are hooked on FRENCHYS for life . .. yes they do sell wool for rug hookers in a BOX saying so . skirts are cut with scissors and then sold for a $1. .but there are so many rug hookers here that finding good hooking wool is rare these days . . .. 
This story will continue . . tomorrow . . . as I have got to go pick  for a blueberrie PIE dinner tonight!
THE FIND of the DAY was for my daughter, Elissa.  . a sexy pair of Ralph Lauren SHOES (maybe worn once?) for $2.55 cents (Canadian)