I was doing grandmother all day from 4 am until I colapsed at 9 PM!!!
My little charges are 3.5 and 2 years old and their favourite stories at the moment  are all about ELEPHANTS!!!I saved all my BABAR story books along with Winnie the POOH stories from my own childrens little days . . .we lived in the country at the time and our next door neighbour strangely enough was the niece of the author of the BABAR stories  Jean de Brunhoff . . .
Babars are hard to find these days . . (until Disney redoes it I suppose!). . . .even in childrens stores in PAris . . .I looked everywhere and finally found this real Babar in green suit on EBAY  in Texas !!!!! . . .the real french one . .. . at  a big cost of .99 cents!