LABELS= putting the PROVENANCE on BACK of our RUGS
Yesterdays go at  finishing with lables was a grand success-
we all got it done that is . . . .but I thought I would show here today Marie Andrée Vézinas  beautiful labels  her sister in Alberta sent her . . .somehow printed on muslin then MA wrote herself the information to remain on her rugs.
I believe these can be ordered online . . .
I am going to make some for my students as they all want now of course . . .so I will post  progress report one day soon . . .. 
 Her rug was designed and hooked  by herself, Marie Andrée. . .. it is about the ''Filles du Roi''  . .
the women sent out  to Quebec from France,due to a shortage of women to marry those in need of a wife!Can you imagine being such a woman? So Marie Andrée had a  gr gr gr grandmother  Miss Vézina  amongst them and has  depicted the scene here in her masterpiece! I really like her  wood looking frame . .. .Bravo !!Colours are of course much better in real . . . .