JUSTINES DOLL instead of her RUG

I am not going to be able to finish my Teddy Bear rug in time for the big day- 7 MAY Birthday so it is now for Christmas '10. .(I HOPE) I have loved hooking this mat so much and am doing the border but dont want to rush . . .so what can I make that is still special?
 Well I found in my studio fabric dept. the dolls I never had time to make for her mother 35 years ago!I got them when we lived in New York city at  a museum-MOMA I think it was . .  what kind of dress shall I make her?Antique lace  for sure . . . . .
I had a soldier doll for her twin brother . . .but somehow I can not make it for my grandson now -it is holding a large  gun . . . this bothers me . . .but its only Justines birthday so here is her  new doll about to finally after all these years be put together!I sure hope she loves it as I do as it is hard to cut into this piece of fabric!
Then again I have 6 more dolls still not cut out . . . .!