Great Divide WaterfallWell hookers -other ARTISTS  have the SAME PROBLEMS. . .  . .READ this . . . . 

Above in Edmonton, Canada. The Edmonton Waterfall by Peter Lewis   1980

“WATERFALLS”  A NEW ART  Display on the East River
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a COPY of Canadian Artist Peter Lewis
"WATERFALLS" A New Art Display on the East River

This latest display by Olafur Eliasson features a total of four waterfalls strategically placed on the east river. One of the falls is placed underneath the historical Brooklyn Bridge. Besides mercury, lead, asbestos, arsenic being sprayed throughout the air as well as the occasional dead rat...I got friends who ended up in the East River.

Mayor Bloomberg claims the privately funded 15 million dollar project which Bloomberg's media company donated 13.5 million dollar will bring in 55 million dollars revenue to the city..I can't imagine how.Although it is not as large as the egos these artists possess I would rather take a ride to upstate New York and see a real waterfall. It's called Niagara Falls.
Also in Canada there is artist Peter Lewis who stated he executed the same idea 30 years ago in Edmonton, Canada. The Edmonton Waterfall which lined the High Level Bridge was completed in 1980 at a cost of $3.6 million. Lewis sent a letter to Bloomberg's office stating that he had done it before as an unconditional gift that didn't cost the citizens anything. City Hall said the mayor responded on June 11 stating that great minds think alike. A crafty reply from a typical politician.
by ACE PRESTON | June 26, 2008