*SPRING hath SPRUNG. . Although I woke up this morning to the ground  and the trees covered with snow,
my walk through the park was full of  the signs that SPRING is here! The Crows called out to me as I walked around and over the puddles . . ..

I am about to hook 3 CROWS in my Bear rug . . .so I really looked at the crows today before I start to dye  the wool  . . . .they looked shiny green not blue as I had thought . . . maybe it was the light on their wings ?. . .I dont know but does it really matter?
DYE Results to come . .  .
The ROBIN  above is a free pattern in Rug Hooking Magizine . . .check out the BACKGROUND . . . . .the robin is the QUEEN of this little mat!
Simple geometric BACKGROUND lets the crow shine in the 2nd little mat . . .