AN ANTIQUE RUG-Reproduced in 2 Colour VERSIONS

One Antique RUG REPRODUCED . . . .
This simple pattern is from an old Nova Scotia  rug one  my  friends has in her home by the sea . . .
It is a great design to use those scraps up!!!
Here are 2 coloured versions that fellow hookers in my village in Nova Scotia  are doing . .It looks  very old  when you see it on the floor!
Its easy to do and a great rug to hook on at hook-ins . . .
I always seem to have to have a non thinking rug on the go for such occasions as being with a bunch of rug hookers  for any length of time is  way to much FUN!
Our next hookin in MONTREAL is SATURDAY the 13th!
Hope to see all fellow  St Henri rug hookers there to plan our
RUG SHOW  for end of April!