I saw this beautiful wide #10 cut rug at the Shelburne museum show this past november. . .a mother and daughter had each hooked the same pattern with different results.The daughters was in bright colours  . .. I liked this version in muted somber greys and blacks . . This one  may be hooked by Jayne Hester of Kinderhook, New York. GREAT rug. Jayne's softness of the flowers and the leaves are great. 
In my excitement to see it I didn not take good record of whom the hooker was!
YOU can see several versions in different colour plans on the Woolley Fox rug site on their antique rug page. . .I believe they sell the pattern also.go to:
Scroll down a bit and you will see ''Aunt Tillie's Garden, 32 x 55"

This web site has examples of several patterns in different colour choices and it is really fun to see!