'Art Breaker' made by my dear husband one year for Valentines Day -small about 4'' by 2.5''

Designer: Francois Dallegret
sold at  Areaware .com
sometimes at Moma in NYC
and other Museums around the world
Material: Steel with 14k gold and chrome plating
A table object or paperweight, comprised of two precision pieces that rotate on a hidden central axis. 

 I have just been reading  to my darling grandchildren a poem for valentines day by a poet whom I adore.. .so I thought I would share it here for you all today also . . .. .

from 'LOVE POEMS" by  Nikki Giovanni

' And I Have You'

Rain has drops    Sun has shine
Moon has dreams     That make you mine

Rivers have banks   Sands for shores
Hearts   have heartbeats   That make me yours

Needles have eyes     Though pins may prick
Elmer has glue   To make things stick

Winter has Spring    Stockings feet
Pepper has mint   To make it sweet

Teachers have lessons    Soup du Jour
Lawyers sue bad folks    Doctors cure

All and all this much is true 
You have me and I have you