OGEE : A double curve, one concave the other convex.
File:Ogee arch.gif
used in Architecture  means  consisting of two arcs that curve in opposite senses, so that the ends are parallel

While rushing to an eye  doctors appointment the other day I suddenly saw  in the entrance lobby . . . .. something I had been past for years and never noticed . . .
.this magnificent OGEE  RADIATOR COVER!!!
Of course I didnt have my camera with me and had to go get it immediately . . .thus I can share it with you today . . ..
I always thought I'D make a rug using this motif but I became a grandmother and am into childrens rugs now . . .
.one more to go . .for October 13th this year . . .a 4th Birthday . . .
 I am designing it now . .
 .so I better get my head back to skys and airoplanes and rockets . .
.oh yes there's  that  big HOCKEY GAME on SUNDAY! Hook and watch?. . . .I think not . . . . . it will be way tooooo exciting !!