Every now and then I remind myself that keeping my work simple is how I stay on coarse for the kind of work I really want to do and I go back to BASIC SIMPLE DESIGNS . .for me  this takes  thought believe it or not  . . .my dear friend Leslie brought me over a chairseat to overlock for her and the beauty of this simple design  . . .circles of recycled textures and whatever one has on hand  reminded me again that SIMPLE (for me )is BEST and back to Basics I go . . . . for some time now I have been keeping a sample strip of almost every 1/2 yard of wool I dye . . . cutting it up into a 3.5 inch square and sewing them together in the old fashioned simple pattern called 9 PATCH . . . . meaning  9 little squares to a patch.So this weekend I got out  4 little squares and put them together . . . as is without worry to the colours that should be beside what

-JUST DOING IT . . . .
stop fretting over which colour  goes better beside what . . .and if the points meet  perfectly or not! 
When  it isnt perfet it is good LUCK anyway . . . .and it looks more old fashioned . . and thats what I like. . . .
so voila!
Here are  my first of many squares put together . . . . now to the dye pots again before THAT BIG HOCKEY GAME!!