Arrow in FedEx logo
It is between the (second) letter "e' and the letter "x.'
The Eyes Have It
Professor Teaches A New Way Of Looking At Things
By Mary Jayne McKay

One of Harvard  university's most distinguished and popular professors.
John Stilgoe teaches a class on LOOKIING at LIFE AROUND US.

If you don't see the big white arrow there's a reason for it, says professor Stilgoe. It's because your eyes and your brain have been conditioned to read the letters.

“Before they've learned to read, toddlers will see the arrow. And I've asked toddlers, ‘Do you see the arrow on the truck?’ And they usually do,” says Stilgoe. “The arrow is between the lower half of the capital E, and the X.”

Stilgoe says the arrow is just one of millions of things that are right in front of our eyes that we never notice.
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