WINTER Sleigh scenes - Hooked Rugs in Quebec

This old antique rug hug in the living room of my childhood home . . . .I have always loved it and it is  totally responsible for me learning to hook my own rugs!My father bought it in St Jean Port Jolie Québec  on the St Laurence river in 1936 for $3.50 -which he had to borrow from his father!yes he eventually paid him back . . . .. It was originally a painting by Clarence Gagnon,famous at the time and his work  so well loved that he was copied by artisans all over the province-much to his dismay!! copywrite infringement was not fussed about  in those days . . .This pattern was hooked many many times -I have seen different versions of it in several places.
One is hanging in the Auberge Sutton outside Montreal as part of their amazing wonderful rug collection of old Quebec rugs,such as the second little primitive  horse and sleigh scene above.
In 2008 The St Henri Hooking group I belong to here in Montreal did a challenge  . . .of  a Quebec house size  16 X 16 '' I believe it was.We were all given a small little drawing of  a typical  house in one of Gagnons paintings and asked to so with it what we wished! At bottom is my version of where I grew up outside the city in a place on the Richelieu river .  . .called Mount St Hilaire. The horse turned out to be a PONY as I adore  them!All these pieces capture the real feeling of winter here in La Belle Provence! of QUÉBEC!. . . . ..Lots of snow and warm fires to sit by with hot chocolate.