ROCKING Border hooked rug from MAINE

This is  a rug that I saw at the Shelburne rug show in NOV 2008 and luckily again in 2009as it was chosen as one of the TEN most popular rugs at the show,Peoples Choice I believe it is called.

It was hooked by Anne COX  of Tenants Harbor ,MAINE.

I have often looked at the sea and the waves rolling in and out and  as I 've said   before  rocks! For me, this  rug is a magnificent interpretation of all these things !
look where the rocks are placed . . .
look at the seaweed floating about as if the water is dragging it  back out to sea.
 . . . . . and the sand so soft and beautiful where it looks like a game of 'Jeux de BOULES ' is being played.

What I really like about this rug is that it can go ON THE FLOOR-it is an art work  for the floor which I am a big fan of . . . . yes it could go on the wall  . . . . but the composition works for a floor rug  that you can walk around and get a perfect design from every angle.