Here is my 'Broken Dishes' rug in front of my old wood stove at our farm house in the eastern townships in Québec.
I love geometrics!. . especially the old fashioned  designs . . . .make do with what you have . . Start in the kitchen with a bowl,
repeat pattern to size of mat you want . . .find  recycled  100% wool clothing and rip it up and hook away!
My great grandmother would use what ever clothing she could find to cut up .   .wool fabric is best and getting harder and harder to find at thrift stores such as Frenchies'' in  Nova Scotia or the 'SAlly ANN' where there are so many rug hookers after the same old coat . . . .or skirt . . .of good quality .
I got an ESCADA skirt once and thought being Italian and probably  it  cost originally  $800 and with a label saying 100% WOOL that I had a find! . . .but . . .
after doing the JAVEX test overnight (a piece of the fabric in pure JAVEX) I found a huge piece of polyester in the jar!NOT GOOD! only the 100% wool fibres dissolved leaving 75% polyester . . . . .
You can use textures bought by the yard new or hand dyed wool -whatever you want -every rug in this pattern is beautiful.The group I hook with here in Montreal have all tried this pattern! and loved doing it. I will try to photograph them all and post here at a later date! The thing one learns from doing a geometric like this all about VALUE . . . . divide your wools into  light-mediums-and darks then start hooking  and find out! This rug is fun to hook and the pattern is traditional so everyone can use it!