I have started my annual cleaning of rugs in the new clean snow that fell last night out in the garden . . .What a difference it makes!
 It looks like there will be lots of snow falling out west so may I remind all those that can -to try this amazing old fashioned  excellent way to  freshen and clean your rugs!
This is the way our grandmothers and great grandmothers did it and it is so easy!

Just brush on the new fallen snow and brush it around . . .the dirt falls through to the underneath . . .the beauty of the cold crisp snow is that the rug doesn't get wet at all!
I have also stuck all my wool out in the freezer on the porch . . .just in case!. . . .72 hours in . should get anything that might  move!
Its -17 C- thats  OF I think! even on the porch!
RESULT a nice clean  geometric - an old fashioned rug . . . .made with a bowl!
those strange looking poles in the garden are  2 sculptures by my DH . . .  . . .One large and one small in colour . . . .